Saturday, November 18, 2006

Censored Hero's

Here are three of the photographs that were obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.
With Veterans Day over for the year 2006 I can't help but wonder why all the news coverage about the war in Iraq has come to a stand still. I happened to find this story I am posting by accident along with the photographs of the american soldiers who have been killed that were censored by the Bush administration. So much for our right of freedom of the press. I can't think of any reason for this other than for political gain. They really think that if we the people do not see all the caskets of our dead soldiers as they come home we will not think about this war that will never end. I feel this is a big mistake and our soldiers deserve an honor guard and 21 gun salute as they return home to United States soil. Just ask yourself why are they hiding and covering up the fact that our soldiers have been killed. Its as if they are ashamed of them. All our soldiers are HERO's and must be treated as such. Every american has the right to question the reasoning behind this and find out why this is happening and change this policy A.S.A.P. The Pentagon tries to suppress the publication of photographs of coffins carrying the remains of troops killed in Iraq. The claim is that the Department of Defense is merely trying to protect the privacy of the families of the dead. However, since none of the dead are identified in the photographs, this claim seems fraudulent. More likely, the Pentagon acting on orders from its Commander in Chief (President Bush) is trying to keep the visual impact of the calamity of the war in Iraq away from the U.S. voters.
Coffins of U.S. military personnel are prepared to be offloaded at Dover Air Force Base in Dover, Delaware in this undated photo. President George W. Bush on April 23, 2004 stood by an order that no more photographs be released of flag-draped coffins returning from Iraq, a restriction critics say is aimed at sanitizing the war for the public.
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