Friday, December 21, 2007

Boston 1st Night 2008

The First Night celebration serves as a showcase for Boston’s cultural and artistic communities through over 250 exhibitions and performances by both local and internationally recognized artists. First Night attracts a total audience of more than 1 million people annually. The unique concept that originated in Boston 30 years ago has served as a model for more than 200 similar celebrations worldwide. First Night has truly become a cherished Boston tradition. First Night New Year's Eve activities take place from 1pm to midnight on December 31st at over 40 indoor and outdoor venues throughout downtown Boston. The purchase of a First Night Button grants admission to venues featuring the best in theatre, dance, music, visual arts and film. Museums, theaters, churches and performance centers open their doors to First Night Button holders throughout the entire day. Popular attractions include the Family Festival at the Hynes Convention Center with its interactive activities for all ages, gigantic ice sculptures on Copley Square and the Boston Common, two glittering fireworks display, and a Mardi Gras-style Grand Procession that sweeps through the streets of Boston. First Night is a very special event that brings families and friends together to celebrate. It’s a signature event that is one of the things that makes Boston a wonderful place to live and visit. Judy and I wish everyone a Happy New Year and thank you for all the prayers and help thru her Chemo treatments, she had her final treatment the other day and she was told that she can look forward to feeling some what normal in 6 to 8 weeks, she will have to be checked out every 6 months with cat scans to keep a close watch on being cancer free. God willing this new year will be much better than the last.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Happy Holidays

I want to start off by saying Happy Holidays wishing the best of health to all, and may each and everyone get what you wish for. Thank You to everyone for sharing your thoughts and prayers for Judy while she is going thru her Chemotherapy treatments, she has completed her 3rd session and Tuesday the 11th will be her 4th and hopefully her last. I must say it has not been easy you never know from day to day what it will be like. The treatment center we go to and all the Doctors and Nurses are the best they do a great job and you can really feel that they care, without them it would be a nightmare. God Bless them all. I have something for everyone especially if you can remember the 50's I have set up a link at the top of the post just click on the Title "Happy Holidays" have fun in the past. I intend to do my next posting as soon as the last Chemo session is completed. Thanks again to all and please take care.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Veterans Day 2007

I wanted to do something in Honor of all Veterans and ask each and everyone of you to Please take just 1 minute of your day to reflect on what this day is all about. I set up a link on how and when Veterans Day 1st started just click on the post Title I found it to be a very interesting story I hope you will to. Throughout our history, America has been protected by patriots who cherished liberty and made great sacrifices to advance the cause of freedom. The brave members of the United States Armed Forces have answered the call to serve our Nation, ready to give all for their country. On Veterans Day, we honor these extraordinary Americans for their service and sacrifice, and we pay tribute to the legacy of freedom and peace that they have given our great Nation. Veterans Day Proclamation In times of war and of peace, our men and women in uniform stepped forward to defend their fellow citizens and the country they love. They shouldered great responsibility and lived up to the highest standards of duty and honor. Our veterans held fast against determined and ruthless enemies and helped save the world from tyranny and terror. They ensured that America remained what our founders meant her to be: a light to the nations, spreading the good news of human freedom to the darkest corners of the earth. Like the heroes before them, today a new generation of men and women are fighting for freedom around the globe. Their determination, courage, and sacrifice are laying the foundation for a more secure and peaceful world. Veterans Day is dedicated to the extraordinary Americans who protected our freedom in years past, and to those who protect it today. They represent the very best of our Nation. Every Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Marine, and Coast Guardsman has earned the lasting gratitude of the American people, and their service and sacrifice will be remembered forever. In the words of Abraham Lincoln: " . . . let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the Nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle . . . ." On this Veterans Day, I ask all Americans to express their appreciation to our Nation's veterans. With respect for and in recognition of the contributions our service men and women have made to the cause of peace and freedom around the world, the Congress has provided (5 U.S.C. 6103(a)) that November 11 of each year shall be set aside as a legal public holiday to honor our Nation's veterans. NOW, THEREFORE, I, GEORGE W. BUSH, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim November 11, 2007, as Veterans Day and urge all Americans to observe November 11 through November 17, 2007, as National Veterans Awareness Week. I encourage all Americans to recognize the valor and sacrifice of our veterans through ceremonies and prayers. I call upon Federal, State, and local officials to display the flag of the United States and to support and participate in patriotic activities in their communities. I invite civic and fraternal organizations, places of worship, schools, businesses, unions, and the media to support this national observance with commemorative expressions and programs.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this thirty-first day of October, in the year of our Lord two thousand seven, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-second.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chemo # 2

This post is to share information on what Chemo is all about and hopes that it may give someone help in the future. Friends Boutique Dana Farber Cancer Center Judy's 1st chemo was a tuff one to get thru the 1st 2days were ok but the 3rd day to the 12th were hell there were days when she just wanted to give up and say the Hell with this, but she hung in there and I am so glad she did. Day 13 thru to the 2oth were so so some days better than others but always the tiredness and fatigue and a weird tingling in the finger tips that never seems to go away. This effects picking things up and writing and is very aggravating, the Doctor said this may last months or could be permanent. Day 20 her hair started falling out big time this was expected but still a shock when it actually happened. A few days before the 2nd Chemo I took Judy into Boston to the Friends Boutique at the Dana Farber Cancer Center on the 9th floor and she was fitted for and picked out a wig and also picked up several bandannas and scarfs and a few hats, this turned out better than we expected because they had the perfect wig for her and we were in and out in no time at all . The Boutique has a great selection of hats to choose from. Day 21,- 9:00am the 2nd Chemo session started which took 5 1/2 hrs. and we set up an appointment with Judy's hairdresser and she had what was left of her hair cut off. I know how hard this was for her but she knew it was for the best and had to be done. Day 23 Judy started the day feeling feeling good this morning. I hope this is a good sign on how the rest of the day will be. I had to remind her that she is at the half way mark and has only 2 more sessions to go and her treatment is finished. I know it is easy for me to say because I am not the one going thru it. I can only hope and pray that it will maybe get a little easier for her from day to day. I want so much for this to be over and she can say in the end I am a survivor.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Side Effects of Chemo

Because chemotherapy drugs can affect healthy cells, one of their disadvantages is that you may experience chemotherapy side effects, some temporary and some longer term. Not every drug will cause every side effect. Your doctor can tell you what to expect from the drugs you're receiving.
Temporary side effects might include:
  • Hair loss
  • Dry mouth
  • Mouth sores (stomatitis)
  • Difficult or painful swallowing (esophagitis) * Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Fatigue
  • Bleeding
  • Susceptibility to infection
  • Infertility
  • Loss of appetite
  • Changes in the way food tastes
  • Cognitive impairment, sometimes referred to as "chemo brain"
  • Liver damage
  • Heart damage
  • Nerve damage
  • Lung damage
It has been 7 days now from the 1st Chemo treatment session and Judy my Fiancee has been having a rough time with some of the side effects. Lack of sleep and no appetite and the joint pain seem to be the hardest for her to deal with. I try to help her as much as I can but at times I can't help feeling I am not doing enough, I wish I could do the treatment for her. I keep telling myself the 1st one is done and only 3 more to go but is is not an easy thing to go thru. I hope and pray that she can be strong enough to go thru the whole treatment plan the Doctor has set up for her and in the end she will be cancer free.
This tuesday on the 9th she has an appointment with Friends Boutique at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston for a wig fitting. It is a really wonderful place to see for they have just about anything and everything that is needed for cancer paitents and going thru Chemo.
Please check it out I have set up a link at the top of this post just click on the Title Side Effects of Chemo. They help so many people and I want to thank them for all they have done for me and my family.
How long these temporary side effects last depends on what drug or combination of drugs you're taking and for how long. Most chemotherapy side effects will subside shortly after you stop your treatments. And most short-term side effects can be minimized with medication. For example, your doctor can give you medications to help relieve nausea or build up your blood counts. If side effects make you uncomfortable, tell your doctor. If you find that the side effects are more than you're willing to endure, you can change treatments.
Long-term or late chemotherapy side effects
As people with cancer live longer after treatment, doctors are discovering that some treatments cause long-lasting side effects or side effects that become apparent long after treatment ends. These long-term side effects are rare. Before you begin treatment, discuss with your doctor what long-term effects you might experience. Some chemotherapy drugs can cause:
  • Organ damage, including problems with your heart, lungs and kidneys
  • Nerve damage
  • Blood in your urine (hemorrhagic cystitis)
  • Another cancer, including Hodgkin's disease and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, leukemia and some tumors
Your doctor can tell you what signs and symptoms to watch for after treatment. Knowing what long-term side effects to watch for can help you stay healthy after treatment.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Starting Chemo

Now that all the cancer they found has been taken out my Fiancee has to go thru Chemo treatments which will start on the 1st of October. Her schedule consists of 4 separate treatments each 3 weeks apart and if all goes as planned will be over the 3rd of December. I have done a lot of research and found quite a bit of information which has helped me to understand what the next few months dealing with this will be like. I pray that there will be no complications or surprises and she will be cancer free as the end result.
Many people fear chemotherapy because they have heard that it can have uncomfortable side effects. But side-effect management has come a long way over the last few decades. Today, many side effects once associated with chemotherapy can be prevented or controlled. With some types of chemotherapy, you may experience only minimal side effects. And chemotherapy may be your best option for a successful outcome.
Chemotherapy Side Effects
* Low white blood cell count * Low red blood cell count * Low platelet count * Nausea * Vomiting * Hair loss * Fatigue
More than half of all people diagnosed with cancer receive chemotherapy. For millions of people chemotherapy helps treat their cancer effectively, enabling them to enjoy full, productive lives.
Chemotherapy is designed to kill cancer cells. Chemotherapy can be administered through a vein, injected into a body cavity, or delivered orally in the form of a pill, depending on which drug is used.
Chemotherapy works by destroying cancer cells; unfortunately, it cannot tell the difference between a cancer cell and some healthy cells. So chemotherapy eliminates not only the fast-growing cancer cells but also other fast-growing cells in your body, including, hair and blood cells.
Some cancer cells grow slowly while others grow rapidly. As a result, different types of chemotherapy drugs target the growth patterns of specific types of cancer cells. Each drug has a different way of working and is effective at a specific time in the life cycle of the cell it targets. Your doctor will determine the chemotherapy drug that is right for you.
I have set up a really good help web page for anyone who may want more information about cancer treatment and it really has helped me just click on the Title at the top of this post Starting Chemo.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Dealing With Cancer

I have not posted these past few weeks like I planned due to an illness to the most important member of my family. The 1st week of Auguest my Fiancee found out she had lung cancer and was told to they had to schedule an operation a.s.a.p. and 2 weeks later on the 17th of Auguest she had 1/3 of her right lung removed and the Doctor informed us that they removed it all but had to send samples of the lung and Lymph nodes to a lab for more testing and she would find out the results in a few weeks when she has her 1st follow up appointment with the Doctor. I hope and pray that this is the extent of this and she will not have to endure anymore pain and suffering. I believe it is in GODS hands now. The thing that I find hard to understand is she was a smoker for over 40 years and quit 6 years ago and had been checked out each year by her Doctor and had been told she was healthy and her lungs looked and sounded good, and then the cancer just shows up. For now all we can do is wait and do everything that the Doctor says and go thru the healing process. I am planing to write more on this in the future after I do some research and learn more about this. Cancer is a really bad disease but they have come a long way in the past few years and it is no longer a death sentence. Please help me in your prayers if you can. Thank You and take care.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Past History

I have found myself thinking about the past quite a bit lately and it gave me the idea for this post. I wonder just how many others out there will remember this. The Howdy Doody Show was one of the first and easily the most popular children's television show in the 1950s and a reflection of the wonder, technical fascination, and business realities associated with early television. While Howdy and his friends entertained American children, they also sold television sets to American parents and demonstrated the potential of the new medium to advertisers. The Howdy, Doody Show premiered in March 1948 he was an all-American boy with red hair, forty-eight freckles (one for each state in the Union), and a permanent smile. Howdy's face symbolized the youthful energy of the new medium and appeared on the NBC color test pattern beginning in 1954. Smith treated the marionettes as if they were real, and as a result, so did the children of America. Among the many unusual marionettes on the show was Phineas T. Bluster, Doodyville's entrepreneurial mayor. Howdy's grumpy nemesis, Bluster had eyebrows that shot straight up when he was surprised. Bluster's naive, high-school-aged accomplice, was Dilly Dally, who wiggled his ears when he was frustrated. Flub-a-dub was a whimsical character who was a combination of eight animals. In Howdy and Me, Smith notes, "Howdy, Mr. Bluster, Dilly, and the Flub-a-Dub gave the impression that they could cut their strings, saunter off the stage, and do as they pleased." Although the live characters, particularly the native Americans Chief Thunderthud and Princess Summerfall Winterspring, were by modern standards stereotypical and often clownish, each had a rich heritage interwoven into the stories. These were prepared by Eddie Kean, who wrote the scripts and the songs until 1954, and Willie Gilbert and Jack Weinstock, who wrote scripts and song lyrics thereafter. For example, Smith (born in Buffalo, New York) was transformed into Buffalo Bob when he took his place in the story as the great white leader of the Sigafoose tribe. Chief Thunderthud (played by Bill LeCornec) of the mythical Ooragnak tribe ("Kangaroo" spelled backward) introduced the word "Kawabonga," an expression of surprise and frustration, into the English language. One of the few female characters in the cast was the beloved Princess Summerfall Winterspring of the Tinka Tonka tribe, who was first introduced as a puppet, then transformed into a real, live princess, played by Judy Tyler. The Howdy Doody Show also reflected America's fascination with technology. Part of the fun and fantasy of Doodyville were crazy machines such as the Electromindomizer that read minds and the Honkadoodle that translated Mother Goose's honks into English. Television's technical innovations were also incorporated into the show. On 23 June 1949 split-screen capabilities were used to join Howdy in Chicago with Buffalo Bob in New York, one of the first instances of a cross-country connection. Howdy also ushered in NBC's daily color programming in 1955. The Howdy Doody Show was immediately successful and was NBC's first daily show to be extended to five days a week. In 1952 NBC launched a network radio program featuring Howdy, and in 1954 Howdy Doody became an international television hit with a Cuban and a Canadian show, using duplicate puppets and local talent, including Robert Goulet as Canadian host, Timber Tom. As amazing as it may now seem, there were published concerns over violent content in Howdy Doody, but though the action in Doodyville generally involved slapstick, parents generally supported the show. Much of the mayhem was perpetrated by a lovable, mischievous clown named Clarabell Hornblow. Clarabell was played by Bob Keeshan who later become Captain Kangaroo. His pratfalls were generally accidents, and the most lethal weapon on the show was his seltzer bottle. Moreover, educational material was consciously incorporated both into the songs and the stories; for example young viewers received a lesson in government when Howdy ran for President of the kids of America in 1948. The educational features of the program made the Doodyville characters attractive personal promoters both for the show and for the sale of television sets. And even before the advent of the Nielsen ratings, Howdy Doody demonstrated its ability to draw an audience both for NBC and for possible advertisers. In 1948, children's shows were often provided as a public service either by the networks or the stations. When Howdy ran for President of all the kids, Muir suggested that they offer free campaign buttons. They received 60,000 requests, representing one-third of the American homes with television sets. Within a week their advertising time was sold out to major advertisers, such as Colgate Palmolive Peat Company. Although the producers were careful about what they advertised, they were very aggressive about marketing products they selected, incorporating product messages into songs and skits. The producers also recognized the potential for merchandising. In 1949 the first Howdy Doody comic book was published by Dell and the first Howdy Doody record was released, selling 30,000 copies in its first week. There were also Howdy Doody wind-up toys, a humming lariat, a beanie, and T-shirts, among other licensed products. Although extremely popular, the demise of The Howdy Doody Show demonstrated the financial realities of the new medium. In 1956 the early evening time slot became more attractive to older consumers, and the show was moved to Saturday morning. Although it continued to receive high ratings, the expense was eventually its downfall, and it was taken off the air on 24 September 1960, after 2,343 programs. The most famous moment in the history of The Howdy Doody Show came during the closing seconds of the final show when Clarabell, who did not speak but communicated through pantomime and honking his horns, surprised the audience by saying, "Good-bye, kids." The reality continues to be that the rich, live-action performances that filled early children's programming are too costly for modern, commercial television. I have to Thank The Museum Of Broadcast Communication for all the research and information that I found for this Post.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Contest Winners 2007

This top photo show the main attraction. Local artists and volunteers transformed 250 tons of special sand into a massive demonstration sculpture titled "Pirates of Revere". Click on the Title Contest Winners 2007 at the top of this posting to see more great photo's. This was the 2nd year I came to Revere Beach to see this event and I hope to be here for next years also. It is a really good way to spend the day with your family and have a good time.
Here are the contest winners 1st place to 5th place
1st Place Winner
2nd Place Winner
3rd Place Winner
4th Place Winner
5th Place Winner

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Judgment Day At The Beach

Today was the final day for the New England Sand Sculpting Festival and the judges will choose the winner tonight. I am posting a few pictures that I think you may like and I will do another post with more photo's along with this years winner within the next week or so.
I am always amazed at just how great these works of art look when they are finished. I just had to show this picture. I am a Harley man myself but this new Indian looks just awesome. This is good way to spend the day at the beach I felt that the very large amount of people also felt the same way.
I have set up a link at the top of this post that will show a lot more along with all the artists involved in the shows just click on the Title at top Judgment Day At The Beach.
Hope you enjoy! I Will have more soon.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Holocaust Memorial

Today was a good day to go to Boston and enjoy the day just taking in the sites and have lunch. We decided to take the train from Waltham to the North End Station in Boston it was the 1st time for either one of us. We always drove our car in and paid an outrageous parking fee. It was really a good idea for we saved some money and also relaxed for a change I found it to be fun and I will do it more often in the future. We had to see this Monument and take these photos.
Placed just outside the hustle and bustle of Faneuil Hall, this haunting monument, is designed to educate as well as commemorate this 20th-century tragedy.
At night, its six 50-foot-high glass-and-steel towers glow like ghosts. During the day the monument seems at odds with the 18th-century streetscape of Blackstone Square behind it. Shoehorned into the north end of Union Park, the Holocaust Memorial is the work of Stanley Saitowitz, whose design was selected through an international competition; the finished memorial was dedicated in 1995. Recollections by Holocaust survivors are set into the glass-and-granite walls; the upper levels of the towers are etched with 6 million numbers in random sequence, symbolizing the Jewish victims of the Nazi horror. Manufactured steam from grates in the granite base makes for a particularly haunting scene after dark.
I was surprised to see how just how much planning and work went into this Monument.
Its a must see for anyone visiting Boston Ma. I set up a link for much more information just click on the title Holocaust Memorial at the top of this posting.
Address: Union St. near Hanover St., Boston, MA, USA Across from City Hall

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sand Sculpting 2007

This information is for all who may be in the New England area that would like to see the Sand Sculpting Festival 2007. The photo's posted will give you some idea of what to expect .
The dates have been announced for the 4th Annual New England Sand Sculpting Invitational at Revere Beach. This July 12th - 15th, Ten Master sand sculptors from around the world will compete for over $15,000 in purse and entry awards as well as the coveted peoples choice award. Included in the list of competitors are stars from the Travel Channels smash hit " Sand Blasters" airing March. check your local listings.
350 tons of special imported sand will again be trucked into Revere to transform the beach into a museum of masterpieces. Master Sculptors, local artists and volunteers will transform 250 tons of that special sand into a massive demonstration sculpture thanks to the support of our event sponsors. Work on this amazing sculpture will start July 9th and continue through July 14th.
As usual I set up a link for all the information needed about this event for anyone interested just click on to Title Sand Sculpting 2007 at the top of this posting.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


The post I have today is about the Robert Treat Paine Estate in the City of Waltham Massachusetts, a nice place to visit for anyone who is into old houses with alot of history.
Born in 1835 , the great grandson of a signer of the Declaration of Independence. He acquired a large fortune early in life through his legal practice and also Railroad and Mining investments.
Designed by Henry Hobson Richardson and Frederick Law Olmsted, Stonehurst the Robert Treat Paine Estate, is the only museum devoted to these two pioneering figures in American architectural and landscape design history. At Stonehurst, these close friends and collaborators forged a uniquely American architecture by focusing on the intimate, almost seamless integration of the natural and man-made worlds. Richardson and Olmsted, like Winslow Homer, Emily Dickinson and Mark Twain, were among the great artists of the post-Civil War era who asserted cultural independence from Europe by cultivating an aesthetic deeply rooted in the American landscape.
In 1883, Robert Treat Paine, Jr. and his wife Lydia Lyman Paine commissioned Richardson and Olmsted to design a great addition to their summer house in Waltham, Mass. The Paines were a socially minded family. Robert Treat Paine founded building and loan associations and institutes to improve the quality of life of the working class. Stonehurst embodied the ideals the Paine family held dear and to which they believed every American had a right: an abundance of healthy, clean air and a spiritually uplifting and restorative environment. The Paine family grounds appropriately became a public park in 1974, when descendants donated the 109-acre estate to the City of Waltham

Monday, April 16, 2007

Boston Marathon 2007

Dominance? Did I hear someone say "dominance"? That would be an improvement. What the Kenyans have done to the Boston Marathon, and a few other marathons, is establish a tyranny that certainly should be a very big embarrassment to the rest of the running world. Boston Marathon men's division winner Robert Cheruiyot of Kenya at the finish line at the 111th Boston Marathon in Boston, Massachusetts April 16, 2007.
Cheruiyot won for the 2nd year in a row and third time overall in an official time of 2 hrs, 14 mins and 13 secs to lead an all-Kenyan podium but was well shy of the race record he set last year of 2:07:14.
James Kwambai was 2nd, 20 seconds behind, with 2006 New York Marathon runner-up Stephen Kiagoro third in 2:14:47.
I was confident, Cheruiyot said. I was very strong. I had trained enough. I didn't fear anybody. Also the race was too slow. We were very cautious not to go too fast.
Lidiya Grigoryeva won in an official time of 2:29:18. Latvia's Jelena Prokopcuka was 2nd for the 2nd year in a row, losing by 40 seconds, with Mexico's Madai Perez 3rd, exactly one minute behind the winner.
Kenya's Rita Jeptoo, the 2006 Boston winner, was 4th in 2:33:08 with 2006 London Marathon winner Deena Kastor, hoping to be the 1st US man or woman to win at Boston since 1985, taking fifth in 2:35:09.
Cheruiyot, who also won here in 2003, became the 15th Kenyan man to win in the past 17 editions of the epic 26-mile classic.
Cheruiyot and Kwambai battled for several miles together late in the race but at a final water stop, Cheruiyot surged ahead as Kwambai reached for water and was never caught again.
Japanese athletes won the wheelchair events with Masazumi Soejima taking the men's race and Wakako Tsuchida claiming the women's crown.
Each winner received 100,000 dollars from a total prize money pool of 575,000 dollars.
A lot has changed for the Boston Marathon since its first run in the spring of 1897. Today, what is certainly the oldest and most revered marathon in the country, perhaps the world, began as a vision by the Boston Athletic Association (BAA) founders, after witnessing the first-of-its-kind race at the 1896 Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.
18 men leaped from the starting line in front of Metcalf's Mill in Ashland . The starting official had no gun; he simply shouted "Go!" to start the BAA marathon.
In the early years, runners endured the narrow and dusty dirt roads winding their way to Boston. Today, of course, the roads are wide and paved.
The race sure has come a long way in all these years.
This medal is what the 1st place winner received in 1897. ----->