Sunday, December 02, 2007

Happy Holidays

I want to start off by saying Happy Holidays wishing the best of health to all, and may each and everyone get what you wish for. Thank You to everyone for sharing your thoughts and prayers for Judy while she is going thru her Chemotherapy treatments, she has completed her 3rd session and Tuesday the 11th will be her 4th and hopefully her last. I must say it has not been easy you never know from day to day what it will be like. The treatment center we go to and all the Doctors and Nurses are the best they do a great job and you can really feel that they care, without them it would be a nightmare. God Bless them all. I have something for everyone especially if you can remember the 50's I have set up a link at the top of the post just click on the Title "Happy Holidays" have fun in the past. I intend to do my next posting as soon as the last Chemo session is completed. Thanks again to all and please take care.
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