Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Holocaust Memorial

Today was a good day to go to Boston and enjoy the day just taking in the sites and have lunch. We decided to take the train from Waltham to the North End Station in Boston it was the 1st time for either one of us. We always drove our car in and paid an outrageous parking fee. It was really a good idea for we saved some money and also relaxed for a change I found it to be fun and I will do it more often in the future. We had to see this Monument and take these photos.
Placed just outside the hustle and bustle of Faneuil Hall, this haunting monument, is designed to educate as well as commemorate this 20th-century tragedy.
At night, its six 50-foot-high glass-and-steel towers glow like ghosts. During the day the monument seems at odds with the 18th-century streetscape of Blackstone Square behind it. Shoehorned into the north end of Union Park, the Holocaust Memorial is the work of Stanley Saitowitz, whose design was selected through an international competition; the finished memorial was dedicated in 1995. Recollections by Holocaust survivors are set into the glass-and-granite walls; the upper levels of the towers are etched with 6 million numbers in random sequence, symbolizing the Jewish victims of the Nazi horror. Manufactured steam from grates in the granite base makes for a particularly haunting scene after dark.
I was surprised to see how just how much planning and work went into this Monument.
Its a must see for anyone visiting Boston Ma. I set up a link for much more information just click on the title Holocaust Memorial at the top of this posting.
Address: Union St. near Hanover St., Boston, MA, USA Across from City Hall
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