Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Big Game

I found some interesting information about previous Super Bowl Games to share with everyone.
The team that has won the coin toss is 19 and lost is 22 in the Super Bowl, and has lost the past four straight and nine of the last 11 games. The Patriots lost the coin toss in each of their three Super Bowl wins. They won the coin toss for Super Bowl XXXI and lost the game; they lost the coin toss for Super Bowl XX vs. the Bears and also lost that game. The Giants won the coin toss in Super Bowl XXXV and lost that game; they lost the coin toss in both Super Bowls XX and XXV and won those games.
Who do you think will win this years Super Bowl ?. You can see my choice if you click on the Title (the Big Game) at the top of this post
The Patriots have 20 players with Super Bowl experience on their current roster; the Giants have three.
The Giants-Patriots Super Bowl is only the second time that the two Super Bowl participants have met in the final regular season game; the other occurrence was in 1977 when the Cowboys and Broncos met in Week 14 and then in Super Bowl XII. The Cowboys won both games. The Giants and Patriots also met in the final game of this year's preseason; The Patriots won that game 27-20.
The Patriots are the 17th team to lead the NFL in scoring and reach the Super Bowl. The previous 16 teams are 9-7 in the Super Bowl last two the ’05 Seahawks and ’01 Rams have lost. The last team to lead the NFL in scoring and win the Super Bowl was the ’99 Rams in XXXIV.
This is the second straight season in which the NFC quarterback in the Super Bowl threw 20 interceptions in the regular season last year, Rex Grossman threw 20 interceptions, and threw three in the playoffs, two in the Super Bowl. The other to throw 20 interceptions during the regular season and then reach the Super Bowl are Kurt Warner (22 in 2001), Phil Simms (22 in 1986), Terry Bradshaw (25 in 1979 and 20 in 1978) and Darryl Lamonica (20 in 1967). The only two Super Bowl quarterbacks to throw 20 interceptions during the regular season and not throw one in the playoffs were Boomer Esiason in 1990 and Simms in 1986.
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