Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Who Will It Be ?

This 2008 Presidential election is going to be a long and crazy roller coaster ride so get ready and if you have not registered to vote Please do, you can make a difference if you choose to. The opening rounds behind them in a five-day flash, the presidential contenders leave New Hampshire with Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton and Sen. John McCain firmly back in contention and with the candidates weary from a wild ride that leaves the field back where it started more than a year ago. In trading two upstarts for two stalwarts, Granite Staters sent a much different message than their Hawkeye State brethren. They also stripped from the race any notion of anointed frontrunners, leaving the contest to a crush of other states through Feb. 5 and very possibly well beyond. This campaign has been all about who offers change; the first five days that included voting have shown us that everything we think we know is subject to, well, change. With the two states that have consumed maybe 90 percent of the candidates' attention and energy now done, any campaign that claims to be fully prepared for what's to come isn't spinning it's lying. Both former senator John Edwards and former governor Mitt Romney now face serious threats to their viability. They are under tight pressure to start delivering victories; Edwards was counting on Obama to knock out Clinton, and Romney wanted to win Iowa and New Hampshire but wound up with neither.
Who will be the 44th President of the United States of America. No one really knows for sure. All the talk about change sounds like some kind of a fairytale, because in the past nothing has ever changed except the rich get richer and the middle class find it harder to live each day by working longer hours and sometimes 2 jobs just to make ends meet. I personally feel to have a real change we must do something drastic to make a difference and putting a Woman or a person of Color in the White House just might do it this time around and if we don't it will be to late. The way things are going now with the war in Iraq and maybe Iran next in line the future looks really dismal. Anyway whatever happens we can only hope for the best and take one day at a time.I have set up a link that may be of interest on the history of all the US Presidents past and present, just click on the Title (Who Will It Be ?) at the top of the post.
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