Friday, August 18, 2006

Concord Minute Man

This past weekend we went for a drive to the town of Concord Ma to see some sights and a bit of history. The old North Bridge along with the Minute Man Monument proved to be just that. I actually found out things I did not know or I just wasn't paying attention in school when I was suppose to. For instance, I did not know about the gravesite monument for the british soldiers. I was amazed at how well it is taken care of after all these years. The bridge itself also suprised me because it has been rebuilt and it changed the look completly to modern time. I did a little reading up on the history and will leave you with the following information. As usual, I have a link for you to click at the Title of the post on top of the page Concord Minute Man and it will link to the Colonial Inn a really good place to eat if you are ever in the area of Concord Ma.We hope you enjoy the information and maybe come and visit sometime.
April 19th, 1775 is the day in history this all started. The decade long political feud between the British government and the American colonists, determined to retain their rights as British subjects, came to a devastating climax as British regulars clashed with colonial militia and minute men at Lexington, Concord's North Bridge and on the long, bloody road back to Boston. The fighting that began that day soon grew into a war for independence that lasted more than eight years. Many years later, Ralph Waldo Emerson used the phrase "the shot heard round the world" to describe the significance of this event.
The story of Minute Man is more than just the events that took place at the North Bridge and along the Battle Road in 1775. Minute Man is also the story of an evolution of the ideals of freedom and liberty, and new notions of cultural independence and citizen responsibility which led to a revolution in American literature the following century. The ideals of both revolutions continue today and serve as an inspiration to people throughout the world.
They should change the name to the new rebuilt old north bridge.
Monument in front of the bridge click to enlarge.
Gravesite on the left just before you get to the bridge.
1st sign you see from parking lot looks older than it really is.
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