Monday, August 28, 2006


Friendship of Salem was docked at the Newburyport Boardwalk from Thursday, August 24th, thru Sunday, August 27th. 10 am to 4 pm. Free tours were available to the public. I have to say I really enjoyed my visit to Newburyport. The downtown and boardwalk area is a great place for all to see. I had no idea what I have missed all these years being so close only one hour away. I will have to come back again real soon. I have set up a link at the top of the post with all the information and history. Just click on the title Newburyport and you will be pleased to see Newburyport's Community Website. I hope you will enjoy this information enough to visit.
Many traces of the past can still be found and admired in the vibrant, modern city. Churches and cemeteries evoke remembrances of local personalities. The Tannery district, close to downtown, is an extension of old steam mills and tanneries of the past. All over town you can imagine the locations of former ropewalks and clammers’ shacks. You can see shipyards, as well as the saltbox and Victorian houses, Federal mansions and colonial houses that are today’s cherished homes. Today Newburyport draws visitors from around New England and the world, who flock year-round to this seaport rich in history and beauty. Enjoy a walking tour, by yourself or with a guide, around this beautiful and historic seaport.
Here is just a few of the sculptures around the boardwalk.
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