Saturday, September 16, 2006

Charles River Walkway

I wanted to start off by asking what people think of the new look of my template. I decided to make a change from the all black it used to be, to the 3 shades of gray. I also switched to the new blogger beta and think I have made a mistake because I have not seen any new comments at all since I switched over. I sure could use some help by getting some comments to see if it is working, It will be greatly appreciated.
The weather this morning seemed really nice compared to this past week which has been lousy. So we took a walk around the Charles River Walkway for some much needed exercise and fresh air. I took several pictures on the way. I am glad we chose to check this walkway out because I really like it and find it to be a great change from the treadmill routine. I find I am starting to like being back home to where all my roots are and will have to make a point of going out exploring more often. I had started to feel hungry and then decided to go to a really good restaurant named Bertucci's which I always enjoy. I have a link set up at the Title of the post Charles River Walkway just click it for the menu and more information about Bertucci's. After our feast of Italian food I just sat there and realized just how lucky I am in this life to have someone to share all this with and that would be my better half Judy. I do not ever seem to let her know. How thoughtless of me I will make it a point to change this part of my way of thinking and doing things with the LOVE of my life.
Waterfalls under the moody street bridge Waltham Ma
View from other side of moody street bridge
This building used to be the Grover Cronins department store and was converted into condos and apartments for lease.
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