Sunday, September 10, 2006

In Memory

A Legacy Of Love Francisco Bourdier 1960 to 2001
I'm sure all who knew or even had the pleasure of meeting Francisco at #2 Twin Towers where he worked as a security guard for the Deutsche Bank will always remember how he greeted everyone with a friendly smile and a thoughtful good morning or good day. Best wishes and regards to his wife Erma and daughter Francesca. May God bless and keep you always. To view more tribute postings click on the Title at the top of this post In Memory.

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Auntie Lyn said...

Thank you for posting this tribute to Francisco Bourdier. I have been checking links for 2,996 and saw where you needed to see if comments were working. But more importantly, the family and friends of Francisco are in my thoughts and prayers.
Auntie Lyn
Carl Asaro