Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Chatham Fish Pier

Today I wanted to show a few more pictures of the water from the Chatham Fish Pier and also talk about what you can see if you choose to check it out for yourself. You can take in the great views from the deck on the top of where the boats come in and unload their catch. I was impressed on just how clean and well taken care of the whole area is. While you are there, check out the fish market and see what they have on sale and check out all the fresh fish. Also, I am sure when you are coming or going to this area, you will notice all the beautiful homes with the awesome view of the ocean. It can give you a lasting memory you will keep for a long time to come. I hope everyone will enjoy their stay while they are here and get to see as much as you can and have a good time . I have set up a link on the title at the top of the page (Chatham Fish Pier) This will show you a lot more about the area and you can learn about the Chatham Bars Inn and lots more pictures. I hope this post will help you when you read it.
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