Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Trip To Chatham

Today was a great day for a drive, so we decided to go to Chatham and see the sites and take a few pictures. We just had to take some of the Chatham Light and the beach since we were there. It was really close to lunch time so we went up and down main street checking out some of the shops before we had lunch, It is really a neat little town with lot's of shops that have really neat stuff. I always like browsing when I come here.We went to lunch at a place called The Chatham Squire. It's a really good restaurant and the prices are fair. You can check out the menu if you go to the title at the top of the page -->Trip To Chatham and just click on it . When we finished lunch, we went to the fish pier and took more pictures of the boats in the water. I will use them when I do more posts on Chatham probably within the next few weeks. Our day turned out really nice and when we got home, I started to post the pictures on on my blog and I forgot I wanted to change my template and I decided to just do it . I did remember to copy all the code from the original one which is a must if you want to change templates and not have any big problems. After several hours, I finally finished and everything works, it was really time consuming and I had to double check everything. But I feel it was worth it because I really like the change. If I can do it anyone can. Hope you can enjoy this great weather and have a good day.
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