Saturday, April 15, 2006

Monomoy Island

Thought I would talk a little about the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge located in Chatham for anyone who may want to check it out while visiting. It stretches about 8 miles off the elbow of Cape Cod. It was established in the year 1944. It provides an important resting, nesting and feeding habitat for migratory birds, including the roseate tern and the piping plover which are federally protected. It is considered a sanctuary that supports a diversity of wildlife and plant species along with the seals. It is really a site to see and you can only get there by boat or use the ferry Rip Ryder from Morris Island or the ferry from Chatham fish pier. The seal cruises start in mid June. There is also an early shuttle service for fisherman and bird watchers. You can click on the TITLE at the top of this page Monomoy Island and you can get a lot more information. I hope you will enjoy seeing this wonderful special place while you are here.
At low tide you can walk a long way and get a
better look for bird watching and pictures but
watch out for the tide when it comes back in.
Photo of Seals Thanks to Cape Cod Photo's
View from Morris Island where you get the ferry
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