Sunday, July 09, 2006

Killer Move

I find this a very strange place to crash but that's (Willy)
Well it has been a week now since we moved and it is just starting to look like we may start living a somewhat normal way of life again. This move was a really tough one, between the heat of the summer and just getting to old to be doing this kind of thing. Anyway, we did it and life goes on. I want tell a little story about moving with a cat in the family. Our cat, name is Willy, is very much a big part of our family, I feel any cat lover knows what I mean. This move was not a good thing for him. It has been a week now and he still is not back to being himself yet. He is getting used to his new home but it is so different from the house he had, I know it just will take time and he will adapt. I had to show a few pictures of him and you can see he is quite the cat. I want to thank everyone who left a comment or email while I was in the moving process, and I will try and get back to writing my posts as before only from now on the stories will be about my travels thru out all New England not just Cape Cod like before, I will leave you now and get back to finishing all the final stuff that needs to be done. I hope to get back to doing some good stories about some really interesting places to go for all to enjoy. I will leave with a good restaurant in the city where I moved to called The Chateau in Waltham, Ma as usually just click on the Title at the top of the page Killer Move and get the Chateau Restaurant.
Our cat Willy is checking everything out and getting in the way
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