Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bass River Sports World

Now that spring is here, the season is about to begin. I know a great place to tell everyone about where you can a really good time and spend the day with your family. There is a variety of things to choose from. You can try out the Golf driving range, or Soccer, Softball,and Baseball Cages, they also have in line Skating and Skateboarding, and of course the Adventure mini Golf Course is a really good way to have fun. There is a Papa Gino's right in front of the parking lot for those who may want to have lunch or even dinner. I recommend when you are in the South Yarmouth area to stop by and see for yourself. It is very easy to find, off of RT 28. I know when the weather during the day isn't that great for a day at the beach, it is always good to have a place to go and Bass River Sports World is one of the few that are at the top of my list. I hope you will have a great time when you visit Cape Cod and get a chance to enjoy everything you can.
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