Thursday, March 09, 2006

Scargo Lake

We have a lot of visitors who come to Cape Cod and never get to see some of the very special views like the one of Scargo lake in the town of Dennis. To get the best view, you have to go to Scargo tower and climb to the top and you will find it breathtaking. I know I did. If not from the area, it can be quite hard to find. I have a link setup at the top of the page. Just click on the --> Scargo Lake Title and you will get all the information you need from the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce webpage. Go to the town of Dennis, then to attractions and sites. There is also a tale about the lake from ages past. Once there was an indian Princess from the Bobuset tribe. One day she was walking and saw a young brave. When they first met, they fell in love. To show his feelings, the young brave hollowed out a pumpkin and filled it with water. He then put four fish inside and gave it to the Princess. He told her he had to go on a journey and would return before the fish were fully grown. The Princess loved her gift so much, she hollowed out a small pond in a field and returned each day. As the fish grew, the time apart from the young brave made her love start to fade. Then one morning she arrived at the small pond and found the pond was drying up from the hot summer weather. Three of the fish had died. She then cried for a long time and her tears are what kept the fourth fish alive. As the days went by, she grew sadder. Her father, who is the chief of the tribe, wanted to do something to make her happy again. He called his braves into a meeting and told them to shoot an arrow into the air. Wherever it landed, they would mark some boundaries and all the squaws, using large clam shells for shovels, dug a hole within the boundries. In a very short time, the rains came and filled it in. The fish seemed to survive in the lake and this made the Princess happy again. Now she could continue to wait for her lover. And, as he promised, he appeared before the fish had fully grown. Within the next few days, they were married and lived happily ever after and made Scargo lake their home. And some people say descendants of the fish are still swimming there. I really hope you enjoy the view of the lake if you have a chance to see it.
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