Thursday, May 18, 2006

Hyannis Harbor

I went to Hyannis today to run some errands and just walk around town to check out some of the shops with my wife.We had to kill some time because it was too early to go to lunch. I decided after lunch to go to Hyannis Harbor and see if I could get some good pictures while we were there.I have to say I really enjoy coming here to Hyannis Harbor because of the feeling I get each time I am here seeing all the people who come to visit for the first time. They all seem to have the same happy look and smile and you just know they are having a good time. There are quite a few resturants to choose from when you are in the harbor area. There is a really good one on the water next to the docks with a nice view called Spanky's Clam Shack and right accross the street there is the Black Cat for fine dining. There is plenty of things to choose from like the Harbor Cruise, or the Cat Boat sailing cruise, or sport fishing trips, along with the Ferry's that go to both Islands.You can let your children check out the Pirate ship cruise and you can be sure they will have fun,the ships crew will have them dress up like pirates and they have a lot of games to enjoy it can be a day they won't forget. There is always the Duckmobile to check out also. All there is left to say is have a great time and enjoy your stay when at Cape Cod. I set up a link at the top of this post just click the Title Hyannis Harbor and you will find the web page for Spanky's Clam Shack to check out their menu.

This restaurant is right on the water next to where all the boats come in and dock. Also there is a small park with benches to sit and relax and watch all the boat traffic.
A view of just some of the boats that are docked in the harbor.
Another good restaurant to check out when you get hungry across the street from the harbor called The Black Cat.
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