Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Main Street Hyannis

I had to do this post over because I lost it trying to fix something. I felt it important to change it a little for those of you who may have notice a difference. I went for a drive today to downtown Hyannis it is about 8 miles from West Yarmouth where I live. I brought my camera with me because I wanted to take some pictures of some of the places most people visit when they come here. The 1st one is the entrance to what is called walkway to the sea it is quite nice in the spring and summer when they have concerts or just for a nice walk to the Hyannis harbor. The 2nd is the exit or the other end just before you get to the harbor it has a great view. The 3rd is the JFK museum it has alot to see when you go inside for those who can remember it will bring back many memories. The bottom one is a pub and really good place to eat or just relax it is just across the street. I am sure you will find all the shops and the whole area very interesting and fun place to visit. I have set up a link on the top of the post for more information for anyone who would like it. Just click the Title Main Street Hyannis and you will get all you need to know about the town of Hyannis. I hope you will enjoy your stay and come back again.
The end of the walkway to the sea just before the harbor
The JFK Museum.
This is the British Beer Company a great place to eat just across the street from the JFK museum
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